Teacher Training

COVIES Teacher Training Program

Get Your accredited TESOL Certificates from Tefl International and Fort Hays State University in Kansas USA.

Study anytime. We are willing to customize our curriculum to meet your needs. We offer flexible class schedules. Contact us at our email for details.

Ask about our special teacher training program. A one month course, where students have the opportunity to sit in and observe real classes at our local sister school. The one month course includes, two weeks at COVIES, learning about lesson plans and presentation of lesson plans in class. Two weeks in classrooms at the local school actually teaching the class. You have the opportunity to try out your skills, learn more skills.

세부 현지 교사 실습 프로그램:

COVIES의 세부 현지 실습 프로그램은 교육대학교 학생들을 위한 특별 과정으로, 실제 수업 을 진행하는 능력과 경험을 쌓아 능숙한 교사가 되기 위한 한 걸음을 남들보다 먼저 디뎌보세요. 세부의 현지 교실에서 생생한 경험을 통해서 수업 내용을 기획하는 것부터, 다양한 환경에 따른 수업 운영 능력을 기를 수 있습니다. 다른 문화권의 아이들을 가르치는 동시에, 또 다른 문화를 배우는 특별한 추억이 되도록 학생들을 돕는 것이 우리 COVIES가 추구하는 목표입니다.


TESOL4KOREA is ready to provide teacher training knowledge for the future English teacher. By focusing on teaching approaches and methodology the student can improve their competency level in the classroom.   

We can achieve this by creating awareness for the English teachers approaches in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. But more importantly we will learn by task based activities, which is specifically designed to increase our understanding in this course and be assessed by peer review evaluation. In addition we will also study the topics of; classroom management, lesson planning, materials adaptation, providing feedback, and promoting learner autonomy. 

Our Textbooks will be the following:

book1-sm book2-sm book3-sm

  1. Tasks for Teacher Education a Course Book by Rose Tanner and Catherine Green
  2. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching 3rd Edition by Jack C. Richards and Theodore S. Rodgers
  3. Teacher Training Essentials Workshops for Professional Development by Craig Thaine 

Teacher Demonstration

Students are expected to do a 20 min teaching demonstration on their final day of class in each of the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. This should be structured as a 5 min pre-activity, 10 min main activity and 5 min post activity. Using what we discussed and learnt in our 4 weeks of study the student must show their retention of knowledge and offer their own perspectives in the art of English teaching.

COVIES Purpose

COVIES purpose is to help the English teacher improve their teaching approach and methodology in their English classes. We can achieve this by doing task based activities, promoting teacher training discussion and be evaluated by our teacher trainer. As a result the student will improve their English teaching knowlege and competency skill. Through demostration and completing assigned tasks, the student will be able to fully understand the significance of teaching English at optimal levels. It will also improve your opportunity for promotion or obtain new employment.

Sample TESOL Certification