Fees 수수료

Our fees are always negotiable.
수수료는 항상 협의 가능합니다.
We can do daily, weekly or monthly packages.
일간, 주간, 월간 패키지로 진행합니다.
Generally our monthly fee per student is between 1.5 million won to 2 million won per four weeks depending on accommodation style.  For example a bunk bed is 1.5 million won compared to a single student in a large double bed room which would be 2 million won.
일반적으로, 학생 1인당 월간 수수료는 숙박 형태에 따라4주간  150만원에서 200만원입니다.  예를 들면, 더블 베드가 2백 만원인 반면, 싱글 베드는 150만원입니다.
Group bookings would also attract a discount.  For example if four students booked one room with four bunk beds the fee could be as low as 1.2 million won per student.  The weekly fee in this case would be 350,000 won or 750,000 won for two weeks and 1.1 million won for three weeks.
단체 예약은 또한 할인이 가능합니다. 예를 들면, 4명의 학생이 싱글 베드로 1실을 예약하면 학생 당 120만원이 적용됩니다. 이 경우, 주간 수수료는 2 주간 35 만원 혹은 75만원이고 3주간 110만원입니다.
As with four students booking four separate rooms with double beds the fee would be 1.8 million won per student or 500,00 per week; 1.1 million won for two weeks and 1.7 million won for three weeks.
The same discount would also apply to two students sharing one room and a double bed.
1인 실 더블 베드를 두 학생이 공유하는 경우, 동일한 할인 혜택을 누릴 수 있습니다.